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OSLC CM V2 Technical Discussions Items

NO LONGER ACTIVE - This page contains discussions that occurred during the development of the V2 specification and kept around for historical purposes.

Note CM 2.0 Specification and OSLC Core Specification contain most of these outcomes.

Focus is to elaborate on the definition for the ChangeRequest V2 resource and have a list of items (in priority) that I current plan to focus on:

  • [Done] properties of type User: creator, owner : how to represent, leveraging FOAF - SteveSpeicher
  • [Done] CmCollectionNeeds Multi-valued properties / Collections representation: what was done in V1 - SteveSpeicher, DaveJohnson, AndreWeinand
    • relatedChangeRequests spec (usage of collection vs. multli-valued property) define a reusable pattern for other properties that typically hold >1 links to other resources
    • need to handle many, many entries in the collection
  • [Experimental] contextual linking (project level). How to establish that link that one service "manages" or "testedBy" another service - SteveSpeicher
    • Need to understand how to extend to handle yet-to-be-defined links
  • [Done] CmResourceShapeNeeds schema needs for resource creation
    • need for labels for elements (with I18N? support)
  • [Done] CmResourceEvolutionToV2 Evolution of change request definition with new properties and remain backwards compatible - SteveSpeicher
    • mapping of V1 to V2 features, what's new and how things progress - SteveSpeicher
  • additional properties are strong candidates for other common/core spec (cross-topic):
    • [Done] tagging - DenisTyrell, SteveSpeicher
      • present as a multi-valued (repeating dc:subject items instead of comma-separated list)
      • [Deferred] a generic (repo-centric) tagging service, to learn the existing tags and frequencies
    • [Deferred] attachments - SteveSpeicher
      • only has a single container (or property) for attachments
      • ensure that attachments are both internal or external to service provider
      • maximum size limitations
    • [Done]CmComments - RobertElves
      • possibly leveraging collections
      • caching concerns, if adding a comment would this change the etag for the entire change request resource
      • may need to not be completely flat, support threaded as we
    • [Experimental] projects
      • simply defined as a common property with an open (undefined) type, discoverable by associated resource shape
    • [Experimental] priority, severity - valid choices and model
      • simply defined as a common property with an open (undefined) type, discoverable by associated resource shape
  • [Experimental] state transitions: CmStatesAndTransitions - AndreWeinand
  • [Resolved, core shape definition to include] how to fetch dynamic choice lists (tags, priorities, owners, ...) - SteveSpeicher
    • requested to add URI for fetching choice to resource shape definition.
  • [Open] fixed contextual based filters (all change request associated with a test case that are open)
  • [Done] identification of delegated UIs purpose (create defect, create plan item, create requirement change request, etc)




See CmMeetings05282010?


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, AndreWeinand, YongLi, MatsGothe RobertElves

Regrets: DaveJohnson, SamitMetha?

  • Reviewed Tagging proposal, YongLi to incorporate feedback. Overall team agrees with simple dc:subject approach but want a way to extend to Tag Resource
  • Discussed updates to CmComments, RobertElves completed actions. SteveSpeicher to pull into CmSpecificationV2 after discussion with core
  • Agreed to change link type of "manages" to be "managesRequirement"
  • Discussed version compatibility scenarios, no updates to existing scenarios


See CmMeetings04142010


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, AndreWeinand, RobertElves, DaveSteiberg? , DaveJohnson, SamitMetha? , YongLi,


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, DenisTyrell, RobertElves, MatsGothe, SamitMehta, YongLi, DaveJohnson

Regrets: AndreWeinand, ScottBosworth, MikKersten

  • Service discovery capability
  • Gather requirements and scenarios for version extensibility
  • Versioning and upgrade concerns 2 major areas:
    • Service discovery: how to evolve to adapt to extended definitions: resource shape
    • Change Request URI: how to retrieve 1.0 vs. 2.0 content, or is 2.0 properties just added to a 1.0 resource definition
      • Look at Atom extension model, where unknown elements are ignorred.


Attendees see CmMeetings03172010

  • Reviewed feedback on usage of foaf:Person. Attendees agreed to use the simplest thing that would work is foaf:Person. Awaiting feedback on latest comments.
  • SteveSpeicher Working with core on alignment of collection needs and schema
  • AndreWeinand is continuing to evolve work on state and transition, incorporating feedback from last weeks review
  • other assignments and status is tracked on priorities page


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, SamitMehta, AndreWeinand, DenisTyrell, SofiaYeung, MarceloPaternostro, MatsGothe, RobertElves


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, DenisTyrell, SamitMehta, SamLee, AndreWeinand, RobertElves, DaveJohnson, YongLi, MatsGothe

  • Alignment with OslcCore spec
  • Reviewed areas with needs across the different specs
  • Assigned owners to many different areas (discussions points captured above)


Attendees see CmMeetings02032010


No meeting


Attendees see CmMeetings02032010

  • Reviewed proposal in CmCollectionNeeds
  • General feedback on the proposal
    • Approach seems to be aligned with REST but not RDF, easily fixed
    • Seems to be fairly complicated


Attendees: AndreWeinand, DaveJohnson, RobertElves, SteveSpeicher, SamitMehta, YongLi, MatsGothe, SamLee, SusanDuncan


Attendees see: CmMeetings01202010

  • Reviewed usage of FOAF:Person, seems to work fine if: we can subset and extend
    • Needed properties: first and last name, account id, email address
    • Optional: phone #, web url, language
  • Reviewed reprioritized list -- agreement
  • Assigned ownership, will work on multi-valued properties at next meeting 27-Jan-2010


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, SamLee, AndreWeinand, DaveJohnson, RobertElves, SamitMehta, YongLi
  • Reviewed and agreed on prioritization listed on technical issues/topics to address and approach
  • Discussion on User type for properties like dc:creator and oslc_cm:owner
  • Discussion on multi-values and collections, collecting issues
    • efficiently handing updating large collections: removal of item, adding of item, etc
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