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OSLC Change Management 2.0 Guidance for Implementers

This is a companion document to the OSLC Change Management 2.0 Specification and not itself a specification.


In an attempt to aid implementers in adopting the OSLC CM 2.0 specification, the OSLC CM Working Group will evolve this document to gather guidance, best practices, tips and other aids. The content here is not intended to be the basis for a toolkit or validation test suite. There may be some references to toolkits to illustrate some specification aspects, though implementers are free to use whatever toolkit or technology for their needs.

Generating formats from OSLC resource definitions


See OSLCCoreSpecDRAFT#RDF_XML_Representations


See OSLCCoreSpecDRAFT#JSON_Representations


See OSLCCoreSpecDRAFT#Turtle_Representations


See OSLCCoreSpecDRAFT#Atom_Representations

Handling compatibility between 1.0 and 2.0

See CmResourceEvolutionToV2

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