Most tools will expose more than one ServiceProvider, and there are different reasons why it might sometimes be useful for tools to expose defined sets of ServiceProviders. OSLC provides the concept of ServiceProviderCatalog for defining such sets. A ServiceProviderCatalog also has an optional property whose value is an OAuthConfiguration. If this property is set, clients can assume that all the ServiceProviders in the list can be accessed with the same OAuth tokens.

Guidance for ServiceProviderCatalog usage

OSLC provides the concept of a ServiceProviderCatalog, but does not specify how it is used, or what the meaning is of the set of ServiceProviders defined by a ServiceProviderCatalog. Clients should refer to the documentation specific to a particular tool for guidance on how to find and use any ServiceProviderCatalogs it exposes.

Learn more about ServiceProviderCatalog in the OSLC Core specification

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