Video available for webcast "OSLC access and debugging using your browser"

Even during yesterday's webcast I was getting emails from people who wanted access to the recording ASAP. Some had missed the presentation, others knew this was something they had to share with friend and colleagues. Given that Lee was busy with implementing the updated governance model across the website, I took it on myself to upload the video and break it into the short parts we wanted.

Whether or not you were able to attend, please take 1 minute to complete our survey so that future webcasts can be even better!

Unfortunately, there was some corruption in the original recording so that youtube couldn't convert it. Fortunately vimeo could convert it, but it is only available as one long file. Still, if you look in the description of that video, you will find javascript links to position the video at each of the sections.

Update 2012 August 23: There is now a youtube playlist of shorter videos for each of the presentation's parts.

Here is the video on vimeo.

And here are the sections included:

  1. Introduction, tools, and background: 0:40
  2. Service Discovery and Navigation: 8:14
  3. CRUD operations on artifacts: 18:37
    1. query: 19:25
    2. create: 28:12
    3. update: 34:50
  4. Jazz rootservices: 38:37
  5. The OAuth dance: 42:46