Upcoming webcast: Announcing the Rational OSLC Adapter for Atlassian JIRA

Please join us on March 1 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET) for the fifth in the OSLC Community Webcast series, entitled "Announcing the Rational OSLC Adapter for Atlassian JIRA".

For more information on the OSLC Adapter for Atlassian JIRA, see this article on Jazz.net.

Date & Time

01 March 2012
11:00am Eastern Time (8:00am Pacific / 4:00pm GMT / 5:00pm CET)

The webcast will be one hour, including the presentation and time for questions.

If you can't make it, we'll post a recording as soon as it's available.

Watch it live

You can register in advance and get calendar information on LinkedIn.

To watch live, click here.

For the audio, call in to the following:

  • USA & Canada Toll free: 1-866-245-5059
  • Global toll-free: 800-4444-1010 (preface with call-to-Canada/US code)

The conference ID is 8656837, and the security code is 112358.


IBM Rational recognizes that diverse environments are a reality for our customers, and that reliable integrations between their tooling are crucial to their success. Leveraging the power of OSLC, IBM Rational has built a CM 2.0 provider that allows data in Atlassian JIRA 4.4.x to be linked to or created from any compliant CM 2.0 consumer. In our case, we're addressing the need of our customers to integrate the Rational solution for CLM 3.0.1.x with Atlassian JIRA for situations where they have JIRA users that need to be fully incorporated into their development lifecycle traceability. Join this webcast to see the adapter in action, and to learn about how it was developed.

Speakers & Bios

Our speakers are Jozef de Vries and Joseph Leong from the IBM Rational Integrations Gearbox Development Team.

Jozef de Vries is an Advisory Software Engineer on the Rational Integrations Gearbox team; a development team dedicated to building OSLC based integrations with priority 3rd party tools. Coming from a background in information architecture and user experience, his current responsibilities are working with product management, sales, marketing, and our customers to ensure that the Gearbox team's development efforts are in line with customer demands while remaining faithful to the OSLC mission.

Joseph Leong has been developing for IBM AIM/Rational Software Group since 2008. His experience has revolved around developing application server technology and integration technology. Starting with contributions to IBM WAS CE and now transitioned to more integration technology centric developments. He has made key contributions to the IBM Rational SAP Connector, which integrates SAP Solution Manager/Service Desk to Rational products, Rational Requirements Composer, and the IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for JIRA. Presently, he continues to develop integration technology with OSLC for the Rational Integration Gearbox team.