FAQ about the W3C Community Group trial; Change Management will be the test group

We've received generally positive feedback on the proposal to try out the tools for W3C community groups. We're going to move forward with the trial.

The Change Management workgroup will be our guinea pig and try to do their regular specification development work as a W3C Community Group. (Kartik Kanakasabesan announced this in an email to the Community mailing list.)

If you have any questions about the trial (or need to catch up), we've written an FAQ about the trial, which includes information about how we're going to evaluate if the trial is a success or not. Please post any other questions you might have on that forum thread. I'll keep it updated.

If you're curious about the tools that the W3C provides, Ian Jacobs from W3C will be doing a demonstation of the tools on February 13 as part of our presentation series. (This was originally scheduled for February 7.) The blog post about this demonstration has been updated with the new schedule and call-in information.