Two upcoming events in Paris in October

Via Gray Bachelor and our Community Mailing List, there are two interoperability events in Paris coming up in October that are absolutely worth checking out.

9 October: 3rd European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded System Development Environments

There will be speakers from AVL, Mentor Graphics, KoneksysPTC, Daimler, and Tasktop. Gray notes:

This will showcase amongst other things the work done within the EC Artemis MBAT and Crystal projects with OSLC.

13 October: PLCS meets OSLC a pre-conference workshop for PDT Europe

There will be a small workshop about the OASIS Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) and OSLC standards before the PDT Europe conference. You can read all about about the workshop and find out how to register [.pdf]. From their summary:

A workshop is being organized as a precursor to the 2014 PDT Europe conference with the objective of exploring how “information” standards such as PLCS [Product Life Cycle Support] and ISO 10303 and “interoperability” standards such as OSLC can complement each other by:

  • investigating how and where the OASIS PLCS and OSLC standards overlap and complement each other;
  • establishing how, when and where the two standards are intended to be used;

Then feeding back the results and recommendations from the workshop to the OASIS PLCS and OSLC technical committees.

It’s free! (But space is limited.)