See the Forums for discussion and Q&A regarding governance updates

At last week's webcast regarding the proposed updates to OSLC governance we offered to have a live discussion and questions and answer session with some members of the proposed steering committee on May 15. Unfortunately, only a handful of community members expressed interest in joining that session.

Based on the discussions I've had as I've tried to cajole community members into participating in the live discussion, the prevailing sentiment seems to be: "These changes make sense to me. I'm glad you're heading in this direction, it should be good for OSLC. But really, I don't have much to add to the discussion; just let me get on with working on my specification and/or implementation and/or using software integrated with OSLC to be really productive."

Given the lack of interest, we have decided to cancel the May 15 webcast. For those who did express interest in joining the discussion, I am sorry for the cancellation, but encourage you to make use of the Forums to share your thoughts and ask any questions.

In addition to the forum thread for discussing the proposed changes at a high level, there are also threads to discuss specific legal documents (even if you prefer to leave the discussion of legal documents between lawyers, you can, at least, get the documents from here to pass on to your lawyer):

If you are satisfied with the proposed changes, voicing that is appreciated, but not necessary. If you disagree with any part of the sentiment I paraphrased above, don't miss your chance to influence the direction of OSLC by posting to the Forums.