OSLC goes to Innovate 2013

At last year’s IBM Innovate, OSLC’s growing impact on the technology industry was on display. In keynotes and speaker sessions, as the heart of a workshop and the Integration Center, as key technology for related efforts (W3C Linked Data Platform, the PROMIS initiative, European research projects, and end user integration strategies), and as an awesome party! OSLC put on a great show at Innovate 2012.

Now, as we’re wrapping up 2012 and it is time to look ahead to 2013, we’ve got the opportunity to make OSLC at Innovate 2013 even more impressive. The call for papers is now open, and we have until 14 January 2013 to propose sessions to discuss all the most wonderful achievements of 2012, and all the most wonderful visions we have for 2013.

I have ingratiated with the conference organizers, and will have an opportunity to coordinate OSLC sessions across all the tracks. Ideally, there will be an OSLC session on some track at any given time, and there will be an OSLC session on every track. While that is the vision, submissions are the prerequisite.

Please submit your proposals as soon as you can, and certainly by the 14 January 2013 deadline! Once you’ve done that, please go an update the OSLC@Innovate 2013 wiki page so that I, and others, can get a good overview of what OSLC-related material has been submitted. (Note: you will need to have signed an OSLC Members Agreement to be able to edit the wiki page.)

As I said, OSLC@Innovate 2012 was pretty awesome, but we’ve all done so much more since then and we can make OSLC@Innovate 2013 even better. I hope I will see you in Orlando!