OSLC Connect at the ALM Forum: Call for Proposals Open

OSLC Connect is the OSLC community’s bragging and boosting event: where members of the OSLC community can share their experience and insights with people who are new to OSLC and may be convinced to get involved.

As announced earlier this week, the first OSLC Connect event will take place at the ALM Forum, April 1-3, 2014 in Seattle.

There are three goals for any OSLC Connect event:

  1. Build brand awareness of OSLC as an integration technology and demonstrate a growing interest in it
  2. Facilitate the sharing of information from experienced OSLC community members to potential OSLC community members (and, of course, other existing members of the OSLC community)
  3. Provide value to attendees, both experience and potential OSLC community members

For these goals to be met at the ALM Forum event, we need high quality session proposals from the OSLC community.

While details and instructions for submitting session proposals are available on the ALM Forum website, we’ve also created a web form that you can use to submit your session. The benefit of using the form is that the OSLC Connect Planning Committee will know what you’ve submitted and have the chance to champion your submission to the track chairs. Go ahead and submit to any of the tracks (you’ll find some suggestions for “angles” you may want to take for the four tracks on the submission page).

So get to it! The Call for Proposals closes on November 22, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to share your experiences with OSLC and help increase its mind share.