OSLC Community Survey on the jazz.net Blog

Some nice prose about OSLC from Reuben Varzea on the jazz.net blog:

Every time we fire up one of the Rational Solutions for Collaborative Lifecycle Management products, we see the handiwork of our expert Jazz developers. Their implementation of the OSLC specifications provide the seamless integrations we now enjoy between Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer.

He goes on to encourage users to take our survey.

While you can find OSLC in all those jazz.net products, you don’t have to use products highlighted on jazz.net to benefit from OSLC. You can find OSLC in many places:

If you’re a user of any of these tools, or have created integrations using OSLC, share your thoughts and experiences by participating in the OSLC 2012 Community Survey!