New podcast about OSLC and integrating software from Tivoli User Group

I’ve added a new podcast from the Tivoli User Community to our collection of resources about OSLC.

This is the first episode in a new podcast series. The next episode will cover third-party integrations and will be available in September.

You can download or listen to the podcast here.

Here’s a description from Beth Sarnie, the Integration Product Manager for Tivoli:

IBM provides a deeper insight into the next generation of service management built using linked data. Learn how linked data in the open architecture strategy will help you simplify integration across products (including IBM and other vendors)

Service Delivery & Management poses some interesting challenges:

  • Information integration is a complex task
  • Duplicate data results in bloated databases in each application
  • Data import and export to 3rd Parties uses proprietary interfaces

The service management solution enables a flexible approach to information, interface, and functional integration across IBM and third party tools:

  • Resource Registry enables reconciliation of data across multiple sources
  • Linked data allows pulling details from source, rather than always duplicating them locally
  • Standardized OSLC interfaces enable 3rd parties & partners to more easily integrate with IBM interfaces

And you can see the following additional benefits:

  • Reduces data duplication and exposes new value in the form of trusted information for better decision making,
  • Streamlines workflows for improved productivity and agility, and
  • Reduces errors and problems across silos, processes and functions for improved service predictability and business outcomes.