Last week of the OSLC 2012 Community Survey

This Saturday, March 31, is the last day to take the OSLC 2012 Community Survey. We've already shared some interim results, in pictures, and in text, and have made (hopefully) some good arguments over at developerWorks as to why you should take the survey and influence the future of OSLC.

The time for putting off completing the survey is ending! As athletes like to say, "put up, or shut up" (um, but we're not actually saying that you have to "shut up" if you don't complete the survey, it's just that you've missed a golden opportunity!). The OSLC 2012 Community Survey is a great way to provide your opinion and have it influence the future of OSLC too. If you haven't taken the survey yet, do so now!

Whether, or not, you've taken the survey, be sure to pass it on to all your colleagues, customers, and business partners, so that they can add their voice to the results, and the OSLC Community can focus on improving in ways that matter to all our stakeholders.