Integrating products with OSLC tutorial has been updated

I’ve posted a much-needed series of updates to our “Integrating Products with OSLC” tutorial.

The primary goal was to update much of the content to reflect the availability of Eclipse Lyo (specifically OSLC4J) and discuss how OSLC4J can make it easier to build OSLC-enabled software. I also touched up the text on every section, and shuffled a few things around to make the story more clear.

Here’s a log of the major changes:

  • The former Appendix has been totally rewritten to use Eclipse and build the sample applications from source (this has been available for a little while already)
  • I swapped the order of the two major sections. We now first walk through building the OSLC4J Bugzilla Adapter before you integrate the NinaCRM sample application with it.
  • The Bugzilla Adapter section has been updated to reflect use of Eclipse Lyo, JAX-RS, and OSLC4J; I updated the architectural description of the adapter and removed sections where we told you to to hand-code RDF/XML templates instead of using OSLC4J. (Hand-coding XML is for crazy people, I’ve learned.)
  • Bugzilla Adapter section is more like a workshop: we explore the existing adapter instead of building it from scratch
  • NinaCRM section no longer says that we’re integrating with an unnamed “Homegrown Defect Tracker”; it’s now explicitly Bugzilla and our OSLC4J Adapter.
  • In a few sections I’ve pasted in some of our introductory videos such as Steve Speicher’s video on planning an OSLC integration.
  • Updated some of the more arcane page titles. For example “Making Incident to Defect Linking Easy” is now “Implementing Delegated UIs”
  • I’ve removed the whole “Nina, software developer” character. The tutorial used to be “Nina does this, Nina does that, Nina knows this has to happen so Nina does it…”.
  • Some URLs have changed because they used to have part-1 or part-2 that no longer makes sense since I changed the order. I’ve set up redirects so your bookmarks should be all right.

Many thanks for Mike Fiedler and Amanda Brijpaul for editing and other guidance.