Follow along as we redesign in public

TL;DR: Follow along here.

This site needs some love.

Our last site refresh was in May 2011, and we've gone through a whole bunch of changes since then:

And that's just some of the highlights! None of this stuff existed when we last redesigned, it's all been basically bolted on piece by piece.

That goes double for the pile o’ scripts that hold it all together. For that, all I have to say is:

More wine

Y’all deserve better. Here's what I think I can do:

  • Improve clarity: it should be easier for anyone coming here to see what we're doing, where it's happening, and how they can either take advantage or get involved 
  • Clear out some junk: There's a bunch of content that's pretty outdated or just wrong. We could use some spring cleaning. (Don't worry: I won't be deleting anything from our workgroup wikis.)
  • Improve overall performance and experience: I know how to smooth over a lot of problem areas, and I think I can make the whole site faster and more accessible while I'm at it.
  • Create a style and usage guide for others: On one end, anyone should be able to find, say, a version of our logo and use it appropriately. On the other, we should be able to easily reuse site assets for, say, the Eclipse Lyo website.

To that end, I've created a site to track what I'm up to which will serve as an ongoing demo and test area. So far I've got posts on the following topics:

I'll be keeping the site updated as I go, and it'll eventually include sample pages, test areas, and style guidance. Everyone's free to open issues or contribute to the discussion, so do keep me honest.