4 more days to submit your proposal for Innovate 2013

The call for speakers for the IBM Innovate 2013 conference closes on 14 January 2013.

As I described in December, shortly after the call for speakers for IBM Innovate 2013 was opened, we’ve got an opportunity to have presentations that touch on OSLC across all tracks, and coordinated so that people really interested in OSLC can attend most of them. As I also wrote at that time, for this to happen, we need submissions!

It doesn’t take too much effort to submit a session proposal, and if it accepted you’ll have a free conference pass (almost a $2,000 value). More, if you update the OSLC at Innovate 2013 OSLC wiki page, we’ll be able to lobby on your behalf with the conference organizers. (Note: you will need to have signed an OSLC Members Agreement to be able to edit the wiki page.)

In case you’re looking for ideas as to what you might submit, here are some themes based on sessions that were accepted last year:

  • “we love OSLC” – why OSLC is important to you, the benefits you’ve experienced, words of wisdom
  • “look at what we did with OSLC/Eclipse Lyo” – how you built an OSLC-based integration, what key design decisions you made, how it compares to other integrations you’ve built in the past, how it has been to maintain, words of wisdom
  • “cross-discipline integration with OSLC” – how OSLC enables teams to work together between ALM and PLM, all the way from end user requirements through to operations

Different perspectives on OSLC are valuable too. Say your company uses software that is integrated using OSLC, you could propose several sessions: one about the user experience and organizational benefits of using the software, one about how you OSLC-enabled a homegrown tool to work with the OSLC-enabled software you bought, and another to talk about the reasons for buying OSLC-enabled software and how it has improved your business.

I look forward to see you and your session in Orlando!