The OpenPDM OSLC Adapter makes your PLM system(s) available to the OSLC world. It offers OSLC standard services, especially for those PLM systems which don’t  offer native ones. The adapter is an add-on for the OpenPDM integration framework which provides connectors to a wide range of systems. The OpenPDM OSLC services can be integrated in any OSLC consuming applications. The gap between ALM and PLM can be closed.

  • OSLC Service Providers  (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • Jazz specific Root Service
  • Change Request Resources 
    • as RDF/XML 
    • as JSON  (OSLC CM 2.0)
  • Query Capabilities (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • Selection UI (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • OAuth
  • Link documents managed in Backend as related resource to OSLC CM entity
  • Provide download for documents