Upcoming webcast: OSLC governance updates

Please join us on May 8 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET) for the eighth in the OSLC Community Webcast series, entitled “OSLC Governance Updates”.

Date & Time

Tuesday, 8 May 2012
11:00am Eastern Time (8:00am Pacific / 4:00pm GMT / 5:00pm CET)

Register in advance here.

The webcast will be one hour, including the presentation and time for questions.

If you can't make it, we'll post a recording as soon as it's available.

Watch it live

Watch live at the Webdialogs site.

For the audio, call in to the following:

  • USA & Canada Toll free: 1-866-245-5059
  • Global toll-free: 800-4444-1010 (preface with call-to-Canada/US code)

The conference ID is 8656837, and the security code is 235813.


The OSLC community continues to grow, not only in terms of participation and specifications, which are important indicators of future outcomes, but also in terms of implementations, and the software that can be integrated using OSLC, which highlights the value that can be (and is being) realized today.

Amidst this growth the shortcomings of the current lightweight, ad hoc governance are starting to show – or at least threatening to cause problems soon. In response to the challenges already faced, and in anticipation of future issues, we are proposing updates to how OSLC is governed.

Join this webcast to learn more about the proposal, its implications, and ask any questions that come immediately to mind.


Kartik Kanakasabesan, OSLC Community Development Manager, IBM
Kartik is responsible for helping organizations and individuals to realize more value out of their software investments by building “just enough” integrations using the scalable architecture of the internet. Kartik has over 19 years of experience in software development and has been with IBM/Rational for 13 years. He has experience in sales, technical sales, consulting services, product management, and development management.

Lee Reamsnyder, OSLC Web Developer, IBM
Lee is the web developer for open-services.net and a participant in the OSLC Communications workgroup. He has been with IBM for 4 years as a technical writer and web developer.

  1. USA & Canada Toll free: 1-866-245-5059
  2. Global toll-free: 800-4444-1010 (preface with call-to-Canada/US code)