The Pulse of OSLC

We’re only a few days away from the start of the IBM Pulse conference in Las Vegas and the Pulse Open Cloud Summit that takes place just before it. Both the main Pulse conference and the Open Cloud Summit will feature sessions delivered by Andreas Keis of the OSLC Steering Committee.

On Sunday, at the Pulse Open Cloud Summit, Andreas will be doing a joint presentation with Dave Webb, a Senior Developer at Orb Data. Andreas will share one of EADS’ experiences with using OSLC to enable their business process, and Dave will illustrate how Orb Data’s use of OSLC has simplifies how their Self-Service Portal (SSP) integrates with IBM Tivoli, and other, software.

On Tuesday, Andreas will join Dibbe Edwards, VP, IBM Rational Development, to take a deeper dive into another of EADS’ experiences with OSLC on the Pulse LiveStream! Dibbe will discuss a bit of the OSLC “big picture”, and share how Rational and Tivoli are using OSLC to enable DevOps and Cloud. As the name implies, you’ll be able to watch Andreas and Dibbe on the Pulse LiveStream! over the Internet. It will be featured on the conference front page when it is about to begin, i.e. 6 PM PST, Tuesday, March 5.

Here is a sample of some of the other conference sessions featuring OSLC (all times PST):





Mar 4, 2 - 3 PM


DevOps Track Kickoff

Dibbe Edwards, IBM; Giovanni Lanfranchi, IBM

Mar 4, 3:30 - 4:30 PM


IBM DevOps Review and Roadmap

Andrew Hans, IBM; Daniel Berg, IBM; Ruth Willenborg, IBM

Mar 4, 6 - 7 PM


Simple, Open, Integration between IBM and non-IBM Sources with Jazz for Service Management

Eric Libow, IBM; Christopher Lazzaro, IBM; Shikha Srivastava, IBM; Stanislav Ovcharov, Musala Soft

Mar 5, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM


Executive Panel on the Business Value of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration and Linked Data

Michael Kaczmarski, IBM; Beth Sarnie, IBM; David Webb, Orb Data; Stanislav Ovcharov, Musala Soft; Tjeerd Saijoen, I.R.I.S. ICT; John Kogel, IBM; Laerte Sabino, Icaro Technologies; Hing Wing To, IBM UK Ltd

Mar 5, 12:30 - 1:30 PM


Jazz for Service Management and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

John Arwe, IBM; John Abbott, IBM; John Webb, IBM; Michael Kaczmarski, IBM; Sean Kennedy, IBM

Mar 5, 5 - 6 PM


New Integration Capabilities including REST and OSLC

Tom Sarasin, IBM

Mar 5, 5 - 6 PM


What's New with Tivoli Business Service Manager and Netcool/Impact


Mar 6, 11 AM - 12 PM


How to Empower Your Service Management Team with Data from Federated Sources Using IBM Jazz for Service Management

Fernando Moraes, Icaro Technologies; Christopher Lazzaro, IBM

Mar 6, 12:30 - 1:30 PM


Solutions for Visualizing and Managing Service Management Data

Ken Parzygnat, IBM; Kirsten Skov Campbell, Region of Southern Denmark; Shikha Srivastava, IBM

Mar 6, 12:30 - 1:30 PM


UPMC Service Excellence through Innovative Integrations for Monitoring and Visualizations

Aaron Kornhauser, UPMC; Dean DeSantis, UPMC

Mar 6, 3:30 - 4:30 PM


Smarter Reporting and Analytics with Tivoli Common Reporting

Venkat Saranathan, Gulf Breeze Software Partners; Dan Krissell, IBM

 There are also several pedestals in the Integration Center, and one in the Security Intelligence zone, featuring OSLC:


Pedestal Name



 Jazz for Service Management – Custom Reports with 3rd party data

 See real world examples of custom reports using Tivoli Common Reporting.


 Musala Soft: Linked Data integrations to 3rd party applications

 Musala Soft, an IBM Business Partner demonstrates the capability of an OSLC Façade that is built once and then integrates with multiple IBM Tools to pull data from a 3rd party CMDB.


 Lifecycle Management of Tivoli Applications with Jazz Admin Services

 Learn how Administration Services along with Tivoli Endpoint Manager can ease the Lifecycle Management of your Tivoli Applications.


 Icaro’s use of OSLC in Advanced Dashboards

 Icaro is an IBM Business Partner that uses OSLC to integrate their Advanced Dashboards with tools from IBM and BMC. See how data from BMC atrium can be provided via an OSCL Façade to management Business Services and Configuration items.


 Orb Data Self Service Portal using OSLC

 Orb Data is an IBM Business Partner that uses OSLC to integrate their Self Service Portal application with IBM Tools. Self Service Portal can provide previews of the monitoring levels of the server, as well as consume previews for managing configuration and patch levels of the server.


 Cloud Monitoring and Problem Determination

 See how administrators and application owners can monitor, diagnose and manage their deployed cloud applications using new monitoring and analytics technologies from IBM Research in conjunction with OSLC-based linked data techniques that assemble asset, monitoring, compliance, and vulnerability information into a coherent view of application state and behavior.


 Cloud Delivery using OSLC and TOSCA

 TOSCA cloud apps can be imported into different orchestrators and deployed as virtual applications. OSLC and TOSCA simplifies using multiple, cross-vendor tools for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of cloud apps, from their development to their import in a cloud orchestrator, instantiation in a cloud, and finally the created instances.


 Jazz for Service Management Dashboard Services

 Learn how to quickly create interactive dashboards combining Tivoli data, customer data and UIs, See how DASH supports building dashboards portable across browsers and multiple mobile devices.


 Jazz for Service Management Dashboard Services Examples

 See real examples using 3rd party data within our Dashboards. Learn how to quickly create interactive dashboards combining Tivoli data, customer data and UIs.


Cloud: Integration Simplified

Rethink IT. Write services once, deploy them into any cloud. Simplify integration of data and workflow. Leverage open source software that delivers a massively scalable cloud operating system. Hear about the latest technologies built by real customers to solve real business problems; Integration is simple with TOSCA, OSLC and OpenStack.

* In the Security Intelligence zone; all others in the Integration Center.

On developerWorks you can find a nice PDF of everything related to “Cloud Open Standards” at Pulse, including everything mentioned above. It also has a nice map of the Expo Hall to help you find the Integration Center, the Security Intelligence zone, and the Expo Theater (where Andreas and Dibbe are presenting).

If you’re attending IBM Pulse, I hope I will see you at some of these sessions and around the Expo Hall. If you’re not going, don’t miss Andreas and Dibbe speaking on the LiveStream!