Should we change the "S" in OSLC to "Specifications"?

In a post in the forums, Steve Speicher is looking for feedback on changing the name of our community from Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration to Open Specifications for Lifecycle Collaboration to better describe what our workgroups do.

Update 14 Feb 2012: Feedback has been mixed and we are not going through with this change. See this blog post for more details.

Open Specifications is really what we want the focus to be out. The technical approach and the basis on Linked Data quite important as well, but that is supported by the community's development of open specifications based on that technology. I believe this is a necessary change and the right one. It captures what OSLC is really about. Yes, changing this provides a bit of short term pain but the longer we wait it will be harder to change and we'll have to continue to deal with the confusion it introduces.

Steve has put up a poll and is looking for your comments by January 31. You can see the thread here. To respond to the thread or vote in the poll, register for the forums here.