Resources for getting started OSLC-enabling a custom in-house tool

A couple days ago I was asked for a sample OSLC integration for a development team wanting to connect a homegrown tool with a commercial product that has built-in OSLC support. I replied as followed:

There are several resources available in the Eclipse Lyo project and on that may be useful to this client:

  1. If they want this in-house testing tool to provide OSLC data to the COTS product, the Bugzilla sample, and the Reference Implementations for OSLC (RIOs) may be useful references.
  2. If they simply want their in-house testing tool to consume OSLC data from the COTS product, they ought to look at the OSLC client library and the associated samples.
  3. To help get started with OSLC, the OSLC Primer and the OSLC Workshop should be big helps; the Getting started on implementing OSLC (enhanced version) video is a great way to ease in.

Are there other resources you would recommend? Please comment on the forum.