Pipelines and Priorities: Overview of the July 2013 OSLC Steering Committee Meeting

The minutes of the July 8th meeting of the OSLC Steering Committee are now available. The meeting was quite productive and five agreements were reached, including: taking a “pipeline” approach to creating domain TCs; pursuing a liaison relationship with INCOSE; and developing a proposal, including budget, to convert the OSLC Member Section to be a funded MS. (A funded MS is allocated a portion of the dues its supporting organizations already pay to OASIS on an annual basis. These funds can be used for initiatives that promote and enhance the MS and its work.) For good context on the discussions, be sure to take a look at the executive summaries and proposals described in the agenda (where it makes sense, I’ve provided a link back to the agenda topic in the minutes).

In addition to these things, the Steering Committee wants to get a better idea about the goals and interests of the MS supporters so that they can more effectively “steer” OSLC at OASIS. To facilitate this, I’ve been asked to hold a 30 minute call with representatives of each of the supporting organizations. In addition to collecting this information for the Steering Committee, I’ll be able to answer any questions that supporters may have about the current state of OSLC and how they can best be involved. Hopefully over the next three weeks I will be able to complete most, if not all, of those “chats”.

Also, don’t forget that nominations for the 7th OSLC Steering Committee seat are open, but close on July 16th. Whether or not you’re running for the seat, be sure to get your organization to vote in the election period.