OSLC Enables Integration for Mobility and Lean Software Lifecycles

On Monday ALM Forum attendees got their conference of to an early start at the Integration Happy Hour hosted by OSLC. Tuesday featured a pair of talks on the Lifecycle Architecture and Integration track from OSLC stalwarts from IBM: Arthur Ryman and Steve Speicher. Today, look for more OSLC when Dave Stecher of PointSource talks about “Overcoming Mobility Challenges” and when OSLC Steering Committee member Mik Kersten of Tasktop hosts a panel that will look “Towards a Lean Software Lifecycle”. Check out the full overview of OSLC at the ALM Forum at: http://bit.ly/OSLC-ALMF

This news was also published in the ALM Forum onsite newsletter for April 2.

And here's some bonus news!

The OSLC BoF sessions took place yesterday with participants from 7 different organization. The discussion brought out a number of interesting observations about the present reality of lifecycle integration when not every tool is "link aware". I've (tried) to capture more of the discussion, and offer some observations, on my blog - check it out.