OSLC Developers, here's where you should get started

This, I have to say, is an awesome tweet spreading the word about our recently published OSLC Developer’s page:

The new OSLC Developer’s page is certainly the place to go if you’re new to OSLC and/or about to create your first OSLC-based integration. I think many experienced OSLC developers will find resources that will help them improve their skills and efficiency.

Whatever your level of experience, please take a look through the page and provide some feedback: this is just our first iteration, and while we think it’s great, we’ve got many ideas we haven’t yet implemented, and there are bound to be many more we haven’t even thought of. Implementations are the key measure of value for OSLC, so helping developers be successful is a key service the OSLC website should provide. Every member of the OSLC community benefits (in some way, even if it is distant) from each new OSLC implementation, so be sure to provide some feedback on the forum thread associated with this post.