Improved version of our "Getting started on implementing OSLC" video now available

I’ve just posted an updated version of one of our most popular videos about how to get started with an OSLC implementation.

In it, Steve Speicher runs through the steps you’ll need to take to integrate IBM Rational Team Concert and Bugzilla with the OSLC Change Management specification. It’s a great introduction to all the major concepts you’ll need to use OSLC. As I said when I posted the original version:

Steve covers the basic scenarios, the required software and adapters, how to create relationships between applications, and how to extend the tools to be OSLC-compliant. In fact, he touches on almost every topic in our OSLC Primer and a good chunk of our tutorial on integrating products.

Our sincere thanks to Jason Green and Amanda Brijpaul of IBM for taking the time to make all the new graphics and add them to the video; the new graphics really help clarify what's going on. 

I’ve embedded the video below, and it’s available on YouTube.