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SCM Terminology

This table attempts to correlate the terminology of various SCM systems involved in OSLC, and to map these terms to the OSLC SCM term. Note that the correspondence is unlikely to be exact - there is quite a bit a flexibility in the translation of some terms between these different systems. The table includes WVCM not because WVCM is involved in OSLC, but as an aid to translation because its terminology is reasonably well defined at, and might be familiar to experts in the other SCM systems.

The table has been updated to remove concepts not considered useful for OSLC, and to show each ClearCase, Team Concert, and Synergy term against only the most specific equivalent WVCM terms. For example, a directory is equivalent to a WVCM controllable resource in both ClearCase and Synergy (as is a folder in Team Concert), but since it is also equivalent to the subclass controllable folder, it is shown in that row instead. Terms may still be shown in multiple rows if they map to sibling or unrelated WVCM classes.

Note that the following table is sortable - click on any column heading to sort by that column.

OSLC SCM WVCM ClearCase Team Concert Synergy
Resource Resource User, and similar types None Object
  Property Attribute, Hyperlink Property Attribute or relationship
File Controllable resource File File File with a project context
  Folder Project folder (UCM), registries, etc. Team area or project area None
Directory Controllable folder Directory or symlink Folder or symlink Directory or symlink with project context
  Configuration Component in a view (UCM),
VOB (base CC)
Configuration A project version and its members recursively; the term 'configuration' or 'hierarchy' is also used
  Version Version State Object version
  Predecessor Predecessor Predecessor Predecessor (or immediate predecessor)
  Successor Successor Successor Successor (or immediate successor)
  Ancestor Ancestor Ancestor Ancestor (predecessor is also used loosely)
  Descendent not generally used No specific term Descendent (successor is also used loosely)
  Version history Element Versionable Objects with same three-part name
  Component Component (UCM)
VOB (base CC)
Component Set of all baselines that contain a given project
Baseline Baseline (Composite) Baseline (UCM)
Locked label type applied to VOB(s) (base CC)
Baseline or snapshot Baseline or project version, depending on context
  Task Clearquest UCM record work item Change request
Change set Activity Activity (UCM)
Set of branches with a given type (base CC)
Change set Task
URI Location Path name or object selector Path name, UUID, or URL Objectspec or cluster ID - tbd!
  Checkout Checkout None Checkout
  Checkin Checkin Checkin Checkin (note this does not create a new object version)
  Stream Branch type (ClearCase), Stream (UCM) Stream Release, or {release,purpose} pair
  Merge Rebase (UCM) Accept, Deliver Reconfigure, or update
  Baseline controlled folder Component root directory (UCM)
VOB root directory (base CC)
Component root directory Project root directory
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