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PLM Scenario 2 (DRAFT)

Product Change Owner assigns a Change Request to a Product Context

An overview of the scenario is provided here, please access the material below for a more detailed description

Business Context

Requests for changes arise from multiple several sources such as

  1. customer request or marketing input (requests
  2. internal feedback from quality assessment
  3. analysis of product field problems

Typically these requests need to be prioritised, analysed, fltered by impact, grouped or recast in some way to be considered as a candidate for a significant product change. We will consider here the scenario where a request for change is significant enough to be visible to a product level responsible for change handling, in some organisations this may be a Product Change manager or Project Manager or Senior Systems Engineer. This scenario comes to life when a Change Request needs to be assigned to a relevant product context

Today stakeholder experience delays, wasted effort, actual errors or lost opportunity from the incorrect assignment of changes request to products. Change requests may be overlooked and emerge late in the lifecycle, decisions about change and design implementation made need to be redone when all changes are uncovered. Resources may be missing based upon estimation and hence shortfal or incorrect assignment. Customer may experience delays and excess cost from late fixes or improvements.

Typical improvement goals are to increase responsiveness, reduce cost & waste and to reduce the cost of managing complexity. Examples of control measure are

  1. Accuracy of 1st time product assignment
  2. Time to process CR
  3. Rate of unassigned change request handling (clear up

Scenario Outline

Understand a CR

Locate change request from notification
Query CR
Understand existing product assignment (if any)

Assigning a CR to a product context

Identitfy available product contexts
Identify versions
Select versions
Assocaite product and version with Change Request
Optionally assign responsibles
Optional notify responsibles

Optionally assign Requirements to the Change Request and its Product Context

Locate relevant requirements or or requirement collection (views)
Select requirement or requirement collection
Identify versions
Select versions
Assocaite requirement or requirements collection version with Change Request
Optionally assign responsibles
Optional notify responsibles

Optionally assign additional configurations (views) to the Change Request and its Product Context

Add selected to change request as solution
Locate relevant related configurations (views) e.g. implementations
Select configurations
Identify versions
Select versions
Associate configuration version with Change Request
Optionally assign responsibles
Optional notify responsibles
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