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-- GrayBachelor - 06 Aug 2010

PLM Workgroup Main Meeting - Aug 10th 2010 11am Eastern Time /5pm CET


  1. Roll call and brief introductions - welcome new members
  2. Objective for today's meeting - Feedback on the released scenario and progress the alignment to existing specifications
  3. Outline the approach proposed for the alignment and recap on the key specs to consider (CM, RM and AM)
  4. Walkthrough to identify resources and initial comments on alignment
  5. Next steps
  6. AOB ahead of the next meeting August 24th
  7. Summary and close

Note we expect to have the representattive leads from CM, RM and AM available for discussion

Minutes from 10/08/2010 Meeting of the OSLC PLM Workgroup

The meeting followed the published agenda.

The meeting agreed to focus the traceability scenario support around the context and implementation. So at the next meeting to consider using the STEP standards as a representative basis fr this.

Gray noted that some minor updates were being made to the released based upon issued he had noted on the feedback page

Rainer Ersch
Gray Bachelor
Scott Bosworth
Ian Green
Keith Colllyer
Brent Feather
Samit Mehta
Mike Loeffler

Steve Speicher, Pascal Vera

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