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Asset Management Specification

Version 1.0 (Convergence)


Asset Management Systems allow enterprises to catalog, govern, manage and maintain reusable software packages as a definitive software library. Using the constructs defined in the OMG Reusable Asset Specification we consider a reusable asset to be a collection of zero or more artifacts. Artifacts are workproducts from the software development lifecycle, such as requirements documents, models, source code files, deployment descriptors, test cases or scripts, and so on.

The intent of this specification is to define the set of HTTP-based RESTful interfaces (Asset Management REST Services API) in terms of HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, HTTP response codes, mime type handling and resource formats for the use in Asset Management tools and use by ALM tools.

This specification also defines how Assets and Artifacts are represented in OSLC services. The Asset Resource is a set of properties for an Asset, and includes properties that describe an Asset's Artifacts.

Asset Management Resources Overview

The capabilities of the interfaces in this specification are driven by a use case scenarios and therefore don't represent a complete setup of operations on resources or resource types.

Refer to the definitions page for descriptions on asset management related terms used here.

Specification Working Group

Authors of the OSLC-Asset Mgmt 1.0 Specification:

Specification Documents

Document Version Status
Asset Management REST Services API 1.0 Convergence
Asset Resource Definition 1.0 Convergence
Asset Management Query Syntax 1.0 Convergence
Asset Management Service Description 1.0 Convergence

Supporting Documents

Document Version Status
Asset Management Build System Use Cases 1.0 Convergence
Asset Management Definitions 1.0 Convergence
Asset Management 1.0 Issue Tracking 1.0 Convergence

Intellectual Property Covenant

The members of the Working Group (or as appropriate, their employers) have documented a Patent Non-Assertion Covenant for implementations of the Asset Management 1.0 Specification, as described in the Terms of Use. Details of the Covenant may be found here.

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