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-- GrayBachelor - 25 Jun 2012

OSLC PLM Workgroup working meeting

Date: Monday, 25 Jun 2012

Time: 11:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM Zurich (contact RainerE or GrayBachelor if you'd like to participate)

Chair: Rainer Ersch

Minutes of the last meeting June 18th 2012


1. Feedback from Innovate

2. Progress on specifications

and tracking of support within existing spec proposals

Statement of Spec support

Proposal to highlight the support that is being addressed in the table.

What topics need to be addressed to close the proposal of the specification

Item 1: Direct identification of a product version URI "vs" computation via variant properties

Need has beeen identified in the scenario

Approach to consider adoption of technique and terms from STEP e.g. as shown in AP214 Product definition variant parameter

Check: namespace server for STEP


Next steps: Bring foward examples

Item 2: Creation of new version

Need has beeen identified in the scenario

Approach 1: Factory to create a version - create another services end point (option not mandatory)

Approach 2: PUTs and POSTs to base and/or version resource

Next steps: Plot out the states required around version creation and succession

Item 3: Provenance of versions

Need has beeen identified in the scenario

Approach 1: dcterms: replaces

Approach 2: omit

Approach 3: example if the service provider supports

Next step: Pursue approach 3 using existing example.

3. Wiki updates

None significant to report other than above

4. Any other business

None identified

5. Next meeting: July 9th 2012 is proposed

6. Summary and close

Attendees:Gray, Mike L., David H, Nick, Steve S.

Regrets: Jim C , Rainer, Mike F

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