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-- GrayBachelor - 21 May 2012

OSLC PLM Workgroup working meeting

Date: Monday, 21 May 2012

Time: 11:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM Zurich (contact RainerE or Gray Bachelor if you'd like to participate)

Chair: Gray Bachelor

Minutes of the last meeting 14th May 2012


1. Close out of the existing feedback items on Draft Specs- No additional feedback

OSLC Core Extensions for PLM v1.1 Specification


2. Discussion on items to update and converge in the Product Definition Specification- continue from May 14th

Product Definition Specification

3. Wiki updates

Updates made on the fly on the 14th May. Minutes posted from 14th May. No other updates.

4. Particpation and preparation for the up and coming SCM workgroup

Now set for 22nd May at 9ET Nick Crossley is chair

5. Plans for Innovate

Rainer to comment if available

Nakamura-san will present on OSLC PLM integration from Tokyo Research

Arvind Rengarajan will present on OSLC PLM prototyping from GBS Solution Centre in India

6. Community Updates:Blog from OSLC related discussion at Siemens PLM event

Mike Loeffler's presentation

Steve Nykerk's roundtable

7. Next working meeting: TBD- discuss re Innovate timing and attendance.

Next main meeting: May 28th 2012

8. AOB

Attendees:Gray, Rainer, Mike L, Mike F, David

Regrets: Nick Crossley, Steve Speicher

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