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-- GrayBachelor - 24 Jan 2012
OSLC PLM Workgroup working meeting

Date: Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Time: 11:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM Zurich (contact RainerE or Gray Bachelor if you'd like to participate)

Previous minutes: PlmMeeting100112?


Previous Action Items:

Next meetings:

Jan 24 -Lyo prototyping and 2012 Roadmap

Minutes and notes

Roadmap items

1) feedback on existing specs - simpification
2) high example of heterogenous multi-server queries for traceability
3) next scenarios e.g. for EC projects CESAR, iFEST and others with KTH, EADS etc
4) impacts of new or emerging specs or application experience e.g. JIS, RELM
5) approach to adopt additional existing ind std propeties and linktypes
how to aplly e.g. SysML? Trace
6) Lyo update or extensions
7) Web walkthrough of the draft proposals
8) updates following feedback towards Proposed Spec
9) tie in OSLC V3 Specs
10) SVN integration

Community Updates

Core SpecItems?
PLM Spec Items
Backup and references e.g. Links:

Assigned scenario owners:

Assigned specification owners

Workgroup members

Attendees: Gray Bachelor, Rainer Ersch, Mike Loeffler, David Honey

Regrets: Steve Speicher, Nick Crossley, Mike Fiedler

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