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-- GrayBachelor - 12 Mar 2012

March 19th TBD

March 26th Confirmed


One roadmap item today:

Feedback on existing specs and Wiki updates

Any other business


Dial in and web conference details

Participant Code: 8916747

Britain 0800-368-0638 020 305 96451
Canada Toll-Free 888-426-6840
Germany Caller Paid 0-69-2443-2290 0800-000-1018
US 215-861-6239 888-426-6840
Japan Caller Paid 0-3-64042596 00531-11-0086, 0066-33-830321, 0034-800-900377
India (AT&T Direct) 000-117 then 888-426-6840
India 33-558-811 (fixed line, caller paid)
India 0-XX-33-558-811 (mobile phone with 2 digit city code, caller paid)
India 0-XXX-33-558-81 (mobile phone with 3 digit city code, caller paid)
China Netcom Group 10-800-711-1071
China Telecom South 10-800-110-0996
China (any city) 4001-201-478 (local surcharge applies, mobile phones are supported)

For external attendees:
For IBMers

Meeting = 9575051

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