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Align Plans

This scenario involves aligning what (requirement) with 'when' (plan). It includes the alignment of requirements with development and test efforts.


  1. Team agrees to the iteration/project goals.
  2. Team agrees to iteration/project length.
  3. Prioritized requirements are reviewed by the team to ensure joint understanding.
  4. Requirements are sized for implementation effort.
  5. Requirements are sized for test effort.
  6. The team agrees to a subset of the requirements and adds them to the plan.
    1. Development plan links to requirements
    2. Test plan links to requirements
  7. Look for existing assets to consume / use.
  8. The development team creates tasks required to implement
  9. The test team creates a test plan, test suite/cases required to test.
  10. Consolidated plan forms the basis for the iteration / project.


  • Requirements are captured & prioritized
  • Process is decided
  • A plan is in place with full requirements coverage by development & test.


-- CarolynPampino - 21 Jan 2009

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