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-- GrayBachelor - 06 May 2010

PLM Workgroup Main Meeting - May 11 th 2010 11am Eastern Time /5pm CET


  1. Roll call and brief introductions- welcome new members
  2. Objective for today's meeting - Scenario walkthrough
  3. Summarise PLM Workgroup meeting of April 20th and review progress of the Action plan
  4. Comments upon and matters arising from the last PLM Workgroup Main meeting
  5. Review available posted PLM scenarios
  6. Focus on the Systems Engineering scenario
  7. Summarise discussion ahead of proposed working session
  8. Proposal and plans for a meeting at Innovate 2010
  9. Proposal for next meetings - Working session May 17th 11am EST
  10. Covenants
  11. Any other business
  12. Next steps


Rainer Ersch
Gray Bachelor
Mike Loeffler
Charles Krueger
Brenda Ellis
Scott Bosworth
Steve Speicher
Pascal Vera
Kieran McEnery?


Agenda was followed - most discussion was around item 6

1. Today a combination of ad-hoc plus formal requirenents and modelling is used - the aim is more use of consistent way to handle requirements ellaboration including modelling in SysML? - hence modify the screiption of step 2 to and/or

2. A SysML? diagram will need "decortaion" and text descriptions to back it up

3. References to System Engineer could be System Architect or System Designer

4. The scenario doesnt really bring out the underlying assumptions about configuration, effectiveity and variants but we agreed to start simpler then build out to explicitly address these aspects

5. We agreed that some focus on specific artefacts to follow through the scenario would be useful for instance in Step 3 to identify the relationship between a requirement and existing design artefacts

6. We clarified some terms around behavioral, functional, logical and physical viewpointsto conclude that behavior and function are equivalent here

7. On the topic of traceability we need to evaluate what RM and AM Specs are supporting for the PLM Context

8 Step 4 to include Modify - DONE

9. Add logical to Step 5 & 6 - DONE

10. Step 5: Assume Req and RM traceability spans all relevant representation

11. Agree to use Activity diagrams to document the scenario

12. Need to review scope wrt to RM

13. Agree to use an open-source tool to write Activity, text use-case, then sequence for details e.g. or topcase

14. Agree to elevate the selected scenario to the 1st Workgroup PLM Scenario - DONE

15. Aim to pull in the othere workgroup leads at Innovate 2010 to review scope and alignment - RainerErsch?

16. Rainer to confirm room at Innovate 2010 - DONE

7. Confirm working session as May 25t - In plan

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