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The OSLC Core defines essential elements of OSLC specs and offers guidance on common concerns for creating, updating, retrieving, and linking to lifecycle resources. The Core specification builds on the best practices we’ve learned as a community and on the work of the existing domain work groups. Future OSLC domain specifications can be based on this core specification, enabling other workgroups to focus more exclusively on domain-specific concerns.


A cross-OSLC workgroup has been formed to drive the ongoing creation, maintenance, and adoption of the Core Spec. The workgroup includes the leads from the various domain workgroups and anyone else from the OSLC community who wishes to participate.


The OSLC Core Specification Version 2.0 is in the finalization stage, only minor fixes and corrections are allowed. Once two OSLC domain specifications based on the Core have finalized, we will declare Core v2 final as well.

The OSLC Core Work Group meets weekly to work through issues raised on the Core specification and to discuss new specification and guidance topics. You can find our schedule, agendas and minutes here:

Core Specification Documents

Document Status
OSLC Core v2.0 Specification FINAL
OSLC Core v2.0 Query Syntax FINAL
OSLC Core v2.0 UI Preview FINAL
OSLC Core v2.0 Appendix A: Common Properties FINAL
OSLC Core v2.0 Appendix B: Representations FINAL
OSLC Core v2.0 Appendix C: Link Guidance FINAL

Common Specification Efforts

Name Description
OSLC Reporting Workgroup defining what a service must provide to enable reporting
OSLC ChangeLog Core workgroup effort to define what a service must provide to enable indexing
OSLC Baselines Core workgroup effort to define specification needs for baselines

Supporting Documents

Document Description Status
RDFS Vocabulary RDFS Vocabulary for OSLC Core defined properties located at FINAL
OSLC Partial Update Guidance on Partial Update DRAFT
OSLC Core V3 Plan Themes and proposals to consider for V3 Working Document
OSLC Core V2 Issues Proposals and Issues to consider for V2 Working Document
OSLC Common Needs Which integration patterns important in each domain Working Document
OSLC Core Domain Template Template for OSLC Domain Specification DRAFT
OSLC Core 2.0 Implementation Guidance Live community document with guidance DRAFT


Scope Proposed Outline Initial Draft Spec Start Convergence Finalize Spec
February 17 2010 February 24 2010 March 1 2010 April 14 2010

Entered finalization:
July 28 2010

June 1, 2011


SteveSpeicher (lead)


Mailing List

General Open Services
Core Spec workgroup

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