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OSLC Communications Workgroup 21 March 2012 1pm ET

(10am PT / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET)


  • Pulse Retrospective (OSLC presence) - John Arwe
  • Review actions from last meeting - All
  • Artemis Retrospective (OSLC presence and interests expressed) - from those who attended
  • OSLC Survey - results to date - Sean Kennedy
  • Other topics?
  • OSLC Poster – Parham Vasaiely
  • OSLC Hospitality Suite at Innovate – Sean Kennedy
  • Use of blog and forums – Parham Vasaiely
  • OSLC sessions at Innovate – Andy Gurd
  • Webcast series update – Andy Gurd



  • John Arwe, IBM
  • Lee Reamsnyder, IBM
  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS
  • Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Rainer Ersch, Siemens
  • Uri Shani, IBM
  • Wesley Coelho, Tasktop (for part of the call)
  • Andy Gurd, IBM
Slides: OSLC_Comms_Wkgrp_21_March_2012.ppt

Discussions and Actions:

Pulse: John Arwe from IBM Tivoli joined the call to give us a retrospective on OSLC presence and reception at the IBM Pulse integrated service management conference. 8,000 attendees. No OSLC track but OSLC was included in the context of solutions that provide customer value. OSLC was included in a platform discussion as part of a main stage keynote. Like Innovate last year, Pulse this year included an Interoperability Center in the exhibit hall. This had prototype demos of linked data in action, using either the OSLC domain specs or in some cases using the Core and extending that for purpose not yet covered by a domain spec. There was good traffic, OSLC was new to the audience but there were 60 organizations who requested follow up info related to OSLC, some of which were related to DevOps? solutions. Just before the event, the Performance Monitoring workgroup was launched. It’s first meeting will be in the week of March 26. It intends to start small, looking at the application of monitoring of 2-3 tier web apps and what data a monitoring tool would need to expose in order to support dashboard views etc. In general, people liked the idea of Linked Data, but perhaps our presentation is still too ‘geeky’ – need to bring it to people ‘on the street’.

Parham suggested that we should gather experience on presenting OSLC and come with higher level positioning that is easier to consume.

It was suggested we should look at the audience types we are targeting first and create messages relevant to each audience. Sean pointed out that he had drafted such content on the wiki some time ago and had received limited feedback. This can be found here: ACTION: All to review and provide feedback / additional thoughts on the audience types.

Andy suggested we would then need to focus on what deliverables we develop to target each of those audiences – messaging, slides, etc.

Open Actions review.

  • Parham maybe able to present on disseminating OSLC information using the future engineering environment at the next Communications WG call.
  • No one has commented on Lee’s Guidelines for Content Contribution. ACTION: All to review and provide feedback.
  • Linking mail list and forums: Technically possible but limited time to implement. Sean maybe able to help Lee with this.
  • page. Sean suggested that others take a look at the page and tell us how that page could be made more useful. Parham suggested reducing the list of IBM Rational products down to a single IBM Rational product family link (that link could go to for more info on individual Rational product support for OSLC). Wesley suggested the page could work better from the perspective of listing ‘source’ tools and then what other ‘destination’ tools can be linked to via OSLC. ACTION: Andy to set up subgroup (Sean, Lee, Wesley, Andy) to work on a new design for the page and share that with the WG for review.

OSLC Survey. Sean briefly gave an update on the OSLC survey to date. 83 responses so far. Result info can be read in these two blog posts: and . The survey will be promoted at EclipseCon? . Sean asked that WG members continue to promote it. After the survey closes at end of Marcn, results will be posted on the wiki. ACTION: Sean will present an analysis on the next WG call.

ARTEMIS. Andy showed a slide of feedback on the ARTEMIS event from Michael Fiedler. Rainer commented that it was a good event and that he was surprised how many teams knew about OSLC. An article will be published shortly in the ARTEMIS magazine – we should promote from One observation Rainer made was that people in the embedded world struggle with the web technology basis of OSLC, because they don’t use that technology in their embedded systems engineering work, so we should not make assumptions of that knowledge when presenting OSLC and how to implement OSLC to embedded systems and software engineers. Parham asked whether linked data is a good entry point to start the discussion. Rainer agreed because it’s more conceptual than technical. Parham agreed that the event was very successful – he has had 2 EADS business units contact him on help with implementing OSLC since the event.

OSLC Poster. Parham will post the OSLC poster he has created onto the Comms WG wiki as the OSLC poster to be used until July/August. A comment was made that the Performance Monitoring workgroup should be added to the workgroup/specification progress graphic.

OSLC Hospitality Suite at Innovate. Sean informed us that this would be held on Tuesday 5 June at 8-10pm. It will be a ticketed event. Key OSLC people will have tickets to distribute. To provide the catering, OSLC Comms WG members will be asked to sign up to order food/drink from the catering services from the hotel, rather than money changing hands between companies represented. Suite capacity is 50-60 but we have 2 hours so will probably make 100-120 tickets available. We will ask via the Comms WG wiki for a list of people to invite and also IBM will look at the Innovate attendee list to pick out key OSLC individuals to invite.

Rainer asked about getting a list of OSLC related activities at Innovate. Andy displayed some summary info. ACTION: Andy to put more info onto the Comms WG wiki now and look at promoting through the OSLC blog.

Parham asked about European Innovate events. ACTION: Andy to investigate possibilities to include an OSLC related session / other activities.

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