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OSLC Communications Workgroup Meeting - 18 October 2011 10am ET


  1. §Target audience/personas - see:
  2. §Manifesto - see:
  3. §Discuss options for regular written communications
  4. §Discuss ideas for webcast / podcast topic
  5. §Agree meeting schedule and set date and time for next meeting

Slides for meeting (will also be shared through Lotus Live): OSLC_Comms_Wkgrp_18_Oct_2011.ppt



  • Wesley Coelho, Tasktop
  • Rainer Ersch, Siemens
  • Susan Duncan, Oracle
  • Hope Ruiz, IBM Tivoli
  • Uri Shani, SPRINT & IBM Haifa
  • Sean Kennedy, IBM Rational
  • Andy Gurd, IBM Rational


  • Uri Shani from IBM Haifa joined the call to represent the European Union SPRINT (Software Platform for Integration of Engineering and Things) project that endorses and adopts OSLC. This prompted a discussion about how organizations and other communities can show their support for OSLC on Rainer mentioned the open letter that was sent by the CESAR project to the OSLC community. Rainer recommended that we compile a list of organizations/communities that we should reach out to about OSLC. It was proposed that SPRINT should send an open letter to the OSLC community mail list and that will prompt publishing on The letter should detail what SPRINT is and how they are using / planning to use OSLC. Rainer suggested that we should describe a process for organizations to show their support for OSLC. It was also proposed that we create a 'testimonies' page where individuals and organizations can be listed with comments on their support for / adoption of OSLC. It was discussed that it would be difficult for larger companies to issue open letters in the way that projects/communities can. However there would be no objection from vendors to having their tools listed as adopters of OSLC.
  • Andy drew attention to the target audience / personas description posted by Sean and invited the group to read and comment online. We then moved to the 'Manifesto' idea and the draft proposal posted. Again the workgroup were encouraged to review and provide comments, not only on the wording, but on the name of the page and on what words would be used to describe how people/companies were signing up to it. Rainer commented that he liked the simplicity of the approach but thought we might need a different name than Manifesto to describe the declaration since Manifesto was already used by 'Agile Manifesto'. Rainer also proposed that we actively reach out to technical workgroup leads to get them to discuss the 'manifesto' in their workgroups.
  • It was commented that the wiki page for this workgroup is hard to find through the site navigation. Andy to raise with the webmaster Lee.
  • We discussed having a regular newsletter versus articles / news items contributed on an ad-hoc basis. The majority appeared to be in favour of the irregular contributions so that we are not tied to specific dates to issue content. Andy and Sean will investigate options with the webmaster Lee on how best to faciltate and then will promote to the community to encourage submissions. Uri recommended articles on contexts/scenarios for usage of OSLC, showing the breadth of how it can be used. It was also commented that customer examples would be even better (how an end user of tools is using OSLC in their deployment).
  • Andy briefly touched on the idea of webcasts and podcasts but we ran out of time to discuss.
  • Date and time of next meeting to be set after the call.
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