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OSLC Communications Workgroup Meeting - 22 Nov 2011 10am ET

Proposed Agenda

  • Updates to to faciltate greater collaboration & communication - Lee Reamsnyder
  • Webcast agenda
  • Finalise ' manifesto' and how to sign up and promote it



  • Andy Gurd, IBM Rational
  • Hope Ruiz, IBM Tivoli
  • Wesley Coelho, Tasktop
  • Sean Kennedy, IBM Rational
  • Lee Reamsynder, IBM Rational ( webmaster)
  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS & SPRINT
  • Rainer Ersch, Siemens

Discussions and Actions

  • Lee Reamsynder, the webmaster for, demonstrated new capabilities he's introduced / is working on to faciltate greater collaboration and information sharing on the community website
    • News page to become Blog page (Question from Lee - should we call it News rather than Blog?)
    • Blog system is better than current News page because its much more flexible - can link to individual posts, wont have items disappearing to the bottom of the list over time, has tagging mechanism and tags can be filtered, can open up linked discussion forum thread to discuss the blog topic, and we can set up who has access to Blog entries rather than having the administrator have to post all items. Blogs are nearly ready to go live.
      • We will provide a style and content guide in early 2012 for blog posts
      • We need to nominate people to be blog authors. It was suggested that we start with at least the comms workgroup participants, and that they should also enlist people from the technical workgroups. ACTION: Lee to notify the comms workgroup participants when the blog capability is live and grant them author rights.
    • Discussion forums are being set up that take the typical form
    • Members page is now a first level page in the website hierarchy, with links to further information (corporate websites etc.)
    • A new Software page has been created that list products that are OSLC providers, consumers and/or adapters, with URLs to more info (i.e. Tasktop links to a demo of an OSLC enabled integration)
      • A question was raised as to whether Software is the right name for the page because visitors might expect it to feature software downloads. The consensus seemed to be that it should be renamed to 'Implementations'. ACTION: Lee to change the page name
      • It was suggested that links to reference implementations as well as products should be added to this page and that was agreed to. ACTION: Lee to add reference implementations to the page
    • Rainer asked for a place where we can put marketing materials (logos, video files, presentations, etc.) for download. ACTION: Lee to come up with a solution.
  • The second topic was building a webcast agenda. Andy presented the suggested topics posted on the wiki
    • Andy asked Wesley of Tasktop whether he would be interested in taking a slot in the series to talk about the value of OSLC to them and how it used in their product. Wesley agreed to this and said it's timely because they are releasing their OSLC product next week. ACTION: Andy to follow up with Wesley on arranging date&time and with Lee & Sean on logistics
    • Parham indicated positive interest in the SPRINT project presenting on their use of OSLC. ACTION: Andy to follow up with Parham
    • Sean suggested webcasts with a more deep dive into technical experience with OSLC, featuring development leads. ACTION: Andy & Sean to discuss and make proposal.
  • The 'Manifesto' topic was very briefly discussed. Little feedback has been received to date. The workgroup participants were encouraged to seek further feedback. Rainer raised that we shouldn't move to finalise the 'manifesto' until the ongoing governance review is completed as this would impact the 'manifesto. ACTION: 'Manifesto' wont be published until new governance model is agreed.
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