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Metric entities: ems:Measure, ems:MeasureDistribution, ems:FactTable, ems:FactDistributionTable, ems:Map, ems:WorkBreakdownStructure


A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a common way to represent the work to be performed in a project. In EMS 1.0, a WBS may be used as an assumption in an ems:Scenario resource, as a prediction in an ems:Estimate resource, or as an observation in an ems:Measurement resource.


Property Range Type Occurrence Edits Description
dcterms:title datatype xhtml:span exactly-one read-write A short title for the WBS.
ems:wbsFormat resource ems:WbsFormat exactly-one read-write The format of the WBS.
ems:wbsSource resource rdf:Resource zero-or-one read-write The link to the content of the WBS.
ems:wbsContent datatype rdf:XMLLiteral zero-or-one read-write The inlined WBS document.


EMS 1.0 does not define a format for a WBS. Instead, this property specifies the format. See ems:WbsFormat for standard URIs defined for this resource.


This optional property is a link to the WBS. When this link is deferenced using an HTTP GET request, the response MUST be the WBS. If this property is absent, then ems:wbsContent MUST be present.


This optional property is the XML document representation of the WBS. If this property is absent, then ems:wbsSource MUST be present. If this property and ems:wbsSource are present, then the value of this property SHOULD be the XML document representation returned in the HTTP GET response for the link given in ems:wbsSource.


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