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QM Scenario: Test Execution

STATUS: WORKING DRAFT This is a working draft of the scenario. It's contents are expected to change.

This scenario focuses on the needs of tools outside of the QM provider to participate in test execution activities


Tool requests execution of a test case

  1. Tool queries QM service to find a test case belonging to a specific test plan
  2. Tool creates an execution record in the QM service
  3. Tool provides details about the execution environment within the execution environment
  4. Tool associates the execution record with the test case

Tool executes a test case

  1. Tool queries QM service to find an execution record
  2. Tool determines test case associated with execution record
  3. Tool prepares any resources necessary to execute the test case
  4. Tool executes the test case
  5. Tool creates an execution result in the QM service
  6. Tool associates execution result with execution record





  • QM system


IMO the scenarios above need elaboration. For example in point (1) in the first scenario above what do we mean by query? Do we mean retireve test case by name. This would be a bare minimum, and we would potentially like to retrieve as test case based on other attributes - test plan membership, test suite membership , category , theme etc.

-- NigelLawrence - 19 May 2010

wrt to the tool creating an execution record for a test case - I'm thinking that the requestor should be potentially be prompted to confirm as you might not want this to happen automatically. If I have a test case that is designed to be applicable to run on Windows and one attempts to execute the test case on AIX - the user should be prompted to confirm that this is intended and they wish to create the execution record.

-- NigelLawrence - 19 May 2010

re: scenarios needing elaboration - I'll add some elaboration about query

-- PaulMcMahan - 04 Jun 2010

re: execution environment - added a step where tool provides info about the associated execution environment

-- PaulMcMahan - 04 Jun 2010

how about "Tool plans for execution of a test case", 'requests execution' sounds similar to 'executes a test case'

-- PramodChandoria - 19 Jan 2011

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