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Date: March 24 2010


  • Status of 1.0 specification
  • 2010 goals
    • 2.0 specification
      • scenario driven
      • alignment with core specifications
    • Participation in broader OSLC community
      • Common workgroup
      • "Cross pollination"
      • Adoption
  • Returning members of WG
    • IBM
    • Sogeti
    • Tieto
  • New members in workgroup
    • Websphere MQ
    • Rational App scan
  • Working mode
    • IP Covenant
    • wiki
    • mailing list
    • bi-weekly meetings
    • meeting time suggestions
  • Ideas for new workgroup members
  • OSLC Core spec
    • Location on the wiki
    • Status
    • Main areas
    • Impact to QM v2 spec
      • expect to fully adopt it
      • may need to add tweaks or extensions depending on our target scenarios
        • want to avoid that if possible
      • backwards compatibility
  • Scenarios for 2.0
    • Collaborative ALM
      • traceability
      • reporting
    • execution result
    • local or remote links
    • Others?


Attendance: ScottFairbrother, NigelLawrence, TonyDavis? , MichaelPena, ScottBosworth, DaveJohnson, PaulMcMahan

  • Status/refresh on the QM 1.0 specification
    • Finalized in Dec 2009
    • Members of the workgroup have received positive feedback, e.g. "it accomplishes the target scenarios well"
    • Rational Quality Manager 2.0.1 implements the specification
    • Create a wiki page accessible from the QM home page where providers and consumers of the specification can announce their usage of the 1.0 spec and provide feedback
  • Discussed "cross-pollination" among OSLC groups
    • QM participates in the common architecture workgroups
    • There was interest in the newly formed Automation and ALM/PLM workgroups
    • QM workgroup members encouraged to participate in as many OSLC workgroups as possible and to invite other workgroups to participate in QM
  • Current QM workgroup makeup
    • IBM and Sogeti are represented in the workgroup
    • The contact from Tieto that participated in the QM workgroup last year is on personal leave. Need to consult with Tieto to determine whether a new contact should be identified.
    • Workgroup members are encouraged to invite participation from across the industry
    • Start of QM 2.0 specification should be announced on general OSLC mailing list. This should help solicit more participation in the workgroup.
  • Discussed Core specifications
    • The core specifications will take two forms
      • Formal specifications (APIs, resource formats, etc)
      • Recommendations
    • For the QM 2.0 specification we intend to adopt the core specifications to the furthest extent possible
      • Where necessary, the QM 2.0 specification may need to refer to a core spec and describe extensions or refinements
      • Workgroup needs to avoid copy & change approach that was necessary in QM 1.0
      • The scenarios that fall into scope will be the biggest influence wrt how this plays out
    • Adopting the core spec will affect backwards compatibility with the QM 1.0 spec. This issue has been raised with the core specification work group and has been noted in OslcCoreV2Issues
  • Candidate scenarios for QM 2.0 specs
    • C/ALM reporting
    • C/ALM traceability
    • Test execution
    • Data pool reuse
    • Workgroup will create a new wiki page for 2.0 scenario discussion
  • Some details of QM V2 spec
    • Would be helpful to set a specific target date
    • IP Covenant in effect for work provided through OSLC
    • Need to create a page for IP covenant at the beginning of spec effort rather than at the end (lesson learned from 1.0 spec)
  • Meeting logistics
    • Workgroup will usually meet every other week on Weds at 11AM Eastern US time
    • More frequent meetings may be held as necessary
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