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  • Running example (see below)
    • This strawman shows a single flat list of processes, which is the union of the top-n-CPU, top-n-real, top-n-virtual lists and a ranking (sort order, or omitted if the process does not occur in a particular list).
    • The strawman uses blank nodes for processes; we need to decide whether to limit them to blank nodes or allow RDF resources in general (either "normal" addressable resources or blank nodes)
    • There are alternatives, including:
      • When a process occurs in >1 list, simply create another process-info resource for each list it occurs in. The name is repeated, but there is only 1 ranking needed per process info entry.
      • Use of rdf:List
      • Use of rdf:Seq
      • Use of W3C Submission Containers, one per process list



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