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-- GrayBachelor - 02 Feb 2012

ALM - PLM interoperability Prototyping

The PLM Workgroup is sponsoring prototyping to explore and support application and extension of the OSLC Specs towards the Systems lifecycle and ALM-PLM interoperability

  • To show how the selected scenario can be supported
  • To illustrate resource definitions
  • To show examples of existing tool support
  • To evaluate extensions

Basis of the prototyping (Business scope, technical specifications and tools)

The overall scenario

Change management aspects of the scenario

OSLC PLM Reference Model

OSLC Core specification extensions for PLM

OSLC Product definition specification

OSLC Lyo Reference implementation

Rational Team Concert (RTC)

Prototyping working materials

Prototyping use cases
Extended Lyo use cases overview

Use-case 1 - An OSLC CM resource can be associated with an OSLC Product Resource

Use-case 2 - An OSLC Resource can be used to locate an OSLC RM or AM resource, typically via it’s versions and views

Use-case 3 - Import OSLC PLM Reference Model (OPRM) sample data as RDF files into the Lyo RDF store

Use-case 4 - Create Read Update and Delete* on Lyo resources to fulfill the scenario (Note that Lyo resources cannot be deleted prgrammatically today)

The demo script follows use cases 4, 1 and 2. USe case 3 has been implemented and tested, details will be posted.

Extended Lyo with RTC

Use cases to follow

System context

Extended Lyo System Context

Extended Lyo with Rational Team Concert

Making extensions to Lyo

Core extensions for PLM

OSLC Product definition specification

Application configuration and extension

Rational Team Concert connecting with extended Lyo

Prototyping results

  1. Extended Lyo - Summary presentation of the resource build up and videos
  2. Extended Lyo with RTC
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