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OSLC Open Source Project Proposal


OSLC is a open community that is authoring specifications for linked lifecycle data. The goal of the community is to make it easier for lifecycle tools to integrate and to expose their lifecycle data (ALM tools interoperability). The OSLC community process could be improved by sharing code and other supporting materials needed in the authoring process and for developing and testing OSLC consumer and provider implementations. Since is not a suitable place for managing and evolving these kind of assets, the proposal is to create an open source project that is affiliated with and that supports the work at


The OSLC Open Source Project will (most likely) be hosted at and include:

  • test suites for testing OSLC service provider implementations
  • reference implementations of OSLC core and domain services for use in testing OSLC clients
  • sample code and applications
  • tools, models, pictures, etc. used in the specification process
  • specification artifacts that need to be under version control (e.g. namespace documents)

The project will encourage the creation of other components and contributions that are deemed to be useful in supporting the OSLC community goals.

Members of the community have offered an initial contribution of JUnit (integration) tests for the purposes of testing OSLC provider implementations. Other components may be contributed later - we're just starting with the provider test suites now.

The present document is just the initial proposal, that will be refined as further discussions occur with interested parties. The current priority is to get the project started with initial code contributions, and make it suitable for any interested implementors.

Initial Contribution

The initial JUnit test contributions were created by IBM developers for the purpose of testing OSLC implementations in IBM products. The tests act as a Java client, driving OSLC service requests and validating responses. The initial source... (TBD)

Relationships to other Open Source Products

This project is aimed at supporting the efforts of standardization of the OSLC community, which includes some initial (open source) OSLC implementations happening at Eclipse (Mylyn project) and for Mantis and FusionForge trackers (OSLC-CM). Additionally, the OSLC project code depends on open source projects developed at the Apache Software Foundation, on SourceForge, and Google Code:

The project will take example from the Apache Software Foundation process for setting up collaboration rules (license, CLA, etc.) but is in no way linked to the Apache Software Foundation at the moment. As the project moves on, it may be submitted for registration to existing Open Source initiatives, should that facilitate contributions, dissemination, or any other supporting needs.

Intellectual Property

Project materials are provided under the Apache 2.0 license. Project contributors will sign the OSLC Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to confirm their acceptance of the contribution process under an Open Source license (which has been adapted from the Apache CLA).

Project Resources Needed

  • Mailing lists
  • Source control and versioning
  • Issue tracking

Initial Committers

The initial committers are members of the OSLC community who are currently developing the test suites or OSLC consumer/provider implementations.

See the reference page for additional details about roles and project guidelines


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