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OSLC Communications Workgroup 23 Feb 2012 11am ET

(8am PT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET)


  • Disseminating information about OSLC through future engineering environment - Parham Vasaiely, EADS
  • Community Survey - about to kick off ... last chance for input! - - Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Webcast results and schedule update - Andy Gurd, IBM
  • Guidelines for Content Contribution. GuidelinesForContentContribution First draft of a document attempting to clarify when to use what tools on the site - Lee R, IBM.
  • §The ‘Software’ page and reducing heavy IBM bias – Parham & Andy

  • OSLC at events - All4



  • Andy Gurd, IBM
  • Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS
  • Rainer Ersch, Siemens
  • Uri Shani, IBM Research
  • Lee Reamsnyder, IBM

Discussions and action:

Disseminating OSLC through the future engineering environment - Parham is working on a way to present the value of OSLC through envisioning scenarios needed in a 'future engineering enviroment'. ACTION: Parham will prepare some slides on this and share them at the next comms WG meeting.

Community Survey - Sean is looking for final input on the survey questions. Sean previewed the questions in Survey Monkey through the web meeting. Uri suggested that people would have different levels of participation - perhaps we should have an 'easy survey' and 'deeper survey' option. Parham suggested creating a block diagram of the questions in order to show navigation paths through the survey based on qualifiying questions - i.e. whether you've participated in a technical workgroup. ACTION: Parham will prepare such a block diagram based on the latest survey. Uri commented that having too many options in questions where 'scale of agreement' is asked for is not good. We agree that 5 levels is more than enoug. ACTION: Sean to restrict options to 5 levels. The question was asked as to whether we should make more questions optional to avoid frustrating participants. We agreed that's a good idea and that the demographic questions should be moved to the back so that people are not bored or run out of time before they get to the important questions. We discussed whether a prize could be offered as an incentive for participation. Personal details will not be recorded in the survey to avoid legal issues, so awarding a prize may be difficult. ACTION: Sean to investigate whether we could offer a prize and if so how. Sean asked if he should add questions targetted at IT staff who support tool environments. Rainer suggested that the survey is quite long already. Sean asked if other questions should be removed. ACTION: All to review survey questions and send comments to Sean on anything to be changed / removed. Survey would ideally be started on 1st March and open for 1 month. ACTION: Sean and Parham to work on it on Monday 27 Feb and send a new request for comments, with a plan to go live on March 1.

Webcast series - Andy recapped the series so far and some results, with Sean filling in some gaps on attendee numbers. It was proposed that we should 'space out' the future webcasts more in order to give more time for promotion - perhaps 1 per month. Parham said that he had received feedback on the SPRINT webcast that attendees expected an intro to OSLC before hearing about it in the context of SPRINT. Andy suggested that we could also schedule an 'intro to OSLC' webcast. We agreed that we should do both. ACTION: All to submit ideas for future webcast topics and for ways to more widely promote the webcasts to drive greater attendance.

Guidelines for content contribution - Lee told us about the guidelines he's put together for where to post particular types of content on - i.e. what's appropriate for the blog, forum, wiki and general (top level) pages. ACTION: All to review and provides comments on the wiki page or to Lee via email. Lee is also working on a tool for others to be able to submit blog posts. The blog will then become open but moderated. Rainer asked whether the forums would replace mailing lists. Lee responded that some people like the mailing lists. A suggestion was made that maybe emails could be automatically copied into the relevant forum. ACTION: Lee to investigate what might be done to link mailing lists and forums. Rainer asked if we could filter out of office messages but Lee said this was difficult - we should ask users of the lists to exclude the list from their out of office messages.

Software page: Andy briefly mentioned a discussion he had with Parham about the wrong impression that the long list of IBM products on the Software page gives. ACTION: Andy to discuss with Sean on how we can shorten the list on and perhaps have a link through to more details on

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