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13 December 2011 Meeting

10am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET.

Please contact to receive a calendar invite.


  • Update on Website - Blogs and Forums launched
    • Who wants blog access to write articles?
  • Update on Webcast series
    • first two topics in place
    • Other suggestions? Volunteers to present?
  • Other topics?



  • Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Hope Ruiz, IBM
  • Wesley Coelhon, Tasktop
  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS and SPRINT
  • Lee Reamsynder, IBM
  • Andy Gurd, IBM
  • Uri Shani, IBM and SPRINT
  • Rainer Ersch, Siemens (joined later)


  • Blogs and discussion forums: Andy announced that the discussion forums on are now live. The blog capability is also now functioning but is restricted to the webmaster until legal wording for other participation is approved.
    • We decided to wait until the legal approval and any other pre-requisites like style guide and rules are completed, before we ask for people to become bloggers.
  • Webcast series: Andy gave an update that we have two topics being prepared - mid January, Tasktop to present on implementing multi-vendor OSLC support today and mid-Feb, Corso to present on the use and value of OSLC to their Strategic Planning Platform.
    • Parham and Uri agreed that a SPRINT related topic could also be delivered in January. Since the Tasktop speaker is available 17-19 Jan we would look to do the SPRINT webcast two weeks later, and then schedule the Corso event for at least 2 weeks after that. Andy will produce a schedule and get agreement from the speakers.
  • Other topics: Events at which OSLC can be promoted. Andy mentioned that Hope is helping with getting better visibility for OSLC at the IBM Pulse conference in Las Vegas in March, and that the call for papers for IBM Innovate in Orlando in June is also open.
    • Rainer asked if this workgroup could / should review OSLC related submissions to Innovate. Andy to investigate.
    • Rainer raised whether we could do something for OSLC at an interoperability event that will be run as part of and in parallel with Embedded World 2012 in Germany in March, and that we should also build a candidate list of events at which OSLC should be represented. Andy/Sean to set up a place on the wiki to build the list.
    • We also discussed creating a kit of promotional materials (buttons, posters, etc.) that could be taken to these events. IBM have some work going on with a designer but identifying budget for production of materials is still an issue.
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