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-- GrayBachelor - 13 Mar 2012
Feedback and open issues for the Core Extensions for PLM

Updated at 23rd April 2012


Q3 OPEN Raised at V1.0: How to identify the versioning behaviour of a resource ?

ANSWER: base will have a minimal resource shape, infer from a resource types with no “isVersionOf”, or “replaces”. Multiple approaches today – Service provider doc, Query Header.

NOTE: Request guidance from Core. ACTION: Revisit the need once the draft has been updated and identify what gaps existing and if there is a need for alternative behaviours.

Q4 PROPOSAL TO CLOSE at V1.0: What is the preferred use of backlinks for “hasVersion” ?

ANSWER: Preferred approach is not to use backlinks, due to referential integrity and the need to handle atomic boundaries.
NOTE: hasVersion is not included in the specification.

ACTION: Check description in the draft. hasVersion is not included in the Spec yet the examples show this. Note added hat it is non-preferred.

Q5 OPEN Raised at V1.0: Is there a better dcterms property for succession ?

ANSWER: dcterms :replaces is ambiguous, however its definition includes succession so it is proposed as the most applicable term

Note there is a W3C? workgroup on provenance. W3C Prevenance Working Group

ACTION: Investigate alternative terms from W3C?


ISSUE 2 PROPOSAL TO CLOSE in V1.1 RDFType of Version

From John Arwe on resource types 22/11- 13/12 The proposal is to be adopted and then solicit feedback

and follow on by Mike Loeffler

Mike Loeffler has prototyped the proposed approach and so it is proposed to adopt the new proposal.

Note that Resource type of Version is optional as can be inferred by existence of the "isversionOf"

ACTION: Update the draft Specs to V1.2

ISSUE 3 OPEN Raised at V1.0 How to create a new version

Description how to create a version- an update will be made to the section on Create Version

Comment 3 from John Arwe on createVersion service 22/11

Mike Loeffler has kindly provided the following input.

POST to base resource creation factory service
Case1 - If the resource representation does not contain an isVersionOf property, creates a base resource, and if the server supports it, creates the first
versioned resource, and returns the base resource URI
Case2 - If the representation contains an isVersionOf property with a valid base resource as its target, creates a new version of the base resource, with the replaces resource pointing to the most recently created version (if one exists)

PUT to existing base resource
- Updates properties of the existing base resource (no change to existing behavior, except server should reject conversion of a base resource to a version or view)

POST to existing base resource (not sure if this is defined in the current spec)
- No new behavior

POST to existing version resource (preferred way to create new versions because it explicitly links to previous version of the resource)
- Creates new version of the base resource, pointing to the existing version of the resource as the "replaced" version

PUT to existing version resource
- Updates properties of the existing resource (no change to existing behavior, except server should reject conversion of a version to a base or view)

ACTION: Feedback is welcome.

ISSUE 4 OPEN Raised at V1.0. Comment on and show relationship to the SCM Spec- to be scehduled

ACTION: Highligh the SCM integration needs into the reformed Configuration Management Workgroup

ISSUE 5 OPEN Raised at V1.0. RDF examples need updating for V1.1

ACTION: Update with new examples provided by Mike Loeffler ISSUE 7 OPEN Add description and examples of View

Q1 CLOSED at V1.0: What if my tool provides a versioned container ?

ANSWER: The resource version identifies the versioned container

Q2 CLOSED at V1.0 : What if my tool doesn’t indicate predecessors ?

ANSWER: Indication of succession is a May.

Q6: CLOSED at What if the resource supports versioning but has no concept of a base resource ?

ANSWER:A base resource is an optional concept, if a resource version does not have a hosting base resource then isVersionOf is used between ResourceVersions?

NOTE: This approach needs clarification by examples

Q7: CLOSED at V1.0 What is a version is hosted by multiple base resources, in the case products when a product version is a member of e.g. different product families

ANSWER: isVersionOf refers to the base resource which created the Version. The recommended approach is that the association of a product version with multiple "hosting" products, e.g. family concepts, is handled through the ProductView? concept. So for a given ProductVersion? , multiple ProductViews? of the hosting product concepts would have hasPart associations linking back to the ProductVersion? of note

Q8: CLOSED at V1.0 What if a resource doesn’t support versioning, a resource factory for a ResourceVersion? as a SHALL is over stating the need ?

ANSWER: A creation factory service for a ResourceVersion? is an optional MAY. Note that the version creation has an open issue below.

Note: The Core extensions Spec has been updated.PM Spec draft not updated

ACTION: Update PM Spec


ISSUE 1. CLOSED at V1.1 Comments on clarity from Olivier Berger 17/11.

Items on hold

ISSUE 6 Lyo examples need to be shown


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