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Date: Wednesday, 6 September 2012

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific, 7:00 PM Zurich (contact SteveSpeicher if you'd like to participate)

Previous minutes: CmMeetings20120830


Recurring agenda items:
  • Community & Implementation updates
  • Specification Issues Review CmSpecV2Issues
Main agenda items: Assigned scenario owners: Assigned specification owners Previous Action Items:
  • VijayAggarwal to complete list of ITOpsToDev scenarios and prioritize
  • SteveSpeicher - take feedback from Andre around implementation guidance wiki page, etc
  • SteveSpeicher - 2010 / CM 2.0 Retrospective - review action items from last meeting
  • SofiaYeung - State transitions between hierarchies of CRs - Sofia to draft some scenarios
  • SofiaYeung - needs to do batch updating of CRs. This has been discussed off and on, and there are
Next meetings:

Invitees: SamPadgett, SteveSpeicher, SofiaYeung, RobertElves, SamitMehta, VincentPhan? , BrianSteele, EricRoy, VijayAggarwal, DaveSteinberg, MichaelFiedler


Attendees: SamPadgett, SteveSpeicher, VincentPhan? , BrianSteele

Community Updates:

Main Agenda:

  • Meeting with ArthurRyman on severity/priority options moved to Monday.
  • SteveSpeicher: Since last meeting, I've updated the draft to include supporting scenarios and added MUST/SHOULD/MAY.
  • More CmPropsSeverityPriority draft updates from working session.

-- SamPadgett - 06 Sep 2012

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