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Date: Wednesday, 23 August 2012

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific, 7:00 PM Zurich (contact SteveSpeicher if you'd like to participate)

Previous minutes: CmMeetings20120620


Recurring agenda items: Main agenda items: Assigned scenario owners: Assigned specification owners Previous Action Items:
  • VijayAggarwal to complete list of ITOpsToDev scenarios and prioritize
  • SteveSpeicher - take feedback from Andre around implementation guidance wiki page, etc
  • SteveSpeicher - 2010 / CM 2.0 Retrospective - review action items from last meeting
  • SofiaYeung - State transitions between hierarchies of CRs - Sofia to draft some scenarios
  • SofiaYeung - needs to do batch updating of CRs. This has been discussed off and on, and there are
Next meetings:

Invitees: SamPadgett, SteveSpeicher, SofiaYeung, RobertElves, SamitMehta, VincentPhan? , BrianSteele, EricRoy, VijayAggarwal, DaveSteinberg, MichaelFiedler


Attendees: SamPadgett, SteveSpeicher, VincentPhan? , BrianSteele

Recurring agenda items:

  • Community & Implementation updates

SteveSpeicher covers governance changes and wikis updates. Eclipse Lyo is looking to release end of September.

BrianSteele covers issue raised on the mailing list. The behaviors are different across existing providers. VincentPhan? has encountered the same problems working on an OSLC-CM consumer.

SteveSpeicher mentions that core common property value types are recommended, but not required. Workgroup recommends consumers read the provider's creation factory shape if available to determine the property value types, and prefill content based on if they're XML literals or strings.

Main agenda items:

  • Discuss CM Workgroup Meeting Times

The workgroup decided to go ahead with the new time for now (Thursday 1pm Eastern).

We looked at the AM Predefined Query draft for awareness as most change management providers support saved queries. The workgroup did not identify any integration scenarios that call for this capability, however.

-- SamPadgett - 22 Aug 2012

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